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Avoid The Risks of Shopping Online

Personal service

Online resellers never substitute a face-to-face consultation with an Optometrist.  If you have concerns or problems with your eyes, don’t draw your own medical conclusions based on website surfing – see us immediately!

Perfect product

What contact lens is right for you? Without consulting an eyecare professional, you’re taking a risk with your sight. Or, you could miss out on new lens technology to better suit your vision needs and lifestyle demands. With help from our trained team, we can offer the right lens options.

Then we’ll make sure you know how to wear and care for your contacts – for optimum comfort, visual clarity and eye health.

Reliable reputation

If shopping online, you risk dealing with an unreliable reseller – at a site that is dealing in grey market products or could go out of business.  When you unknowingly order from an illegitimate seller, you could face unexpected charges on your credit card.  Your gamble increases if you don’t shop via a secure server.

There’s no safer and smarter substitute than dealing with eyecare professionals in your own backyard – optimal service, know-how and value.

Only your Doctor can recommend the best lens options.

Central Vision and Hearing is a member of Eye Recommend, Canada's Vision Care Professionals, helping doctors help their patients since 1997. We are proud to be able to help Canadians attain optimal eye health.